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  The Bearys Global Research Triangle (BGRT) is dedicated to the invaluable contribution of business and information technology to the modern world. It is a place where great minds will meet, collaborate and develop breakthrough products and services for the next millennium.

Knowledge is today our most precious commodity and its creation our most valued asset. To facilitate knowledge creation, it is vital that research institutions and industry are provided spaces to effectively interact and seamlessly share. Recognising an opportunity to create such an environment, The Bearys Group conceptualized BGRT in the proximity of ITPL at Whitefield, Bangalore, India.

Built on a 21 acre triangular property, BGRT is a world-class, high technology research enclave, modeled on the much celebrated Research Triangle Park(RTP), North Carolina, USA. It comprises five spectacular research towers named after some of the most famous inventors and thinkers of our times: Edison, Einstein, Newton, Bell and C V Raman.

In BGRT, The Bearys demonstrates its experience in real estate development; its expertise in building a world class R&D complex; and perhaps more significantly, its leadership in establishing India’s first Sustainable Green Building Research Park.
  BGRT has many firsts to its credit in India
  First LEED Platinum certified Research Park
  First project to offer 84% floor efficiency
  First IT project with 16m x 16m grid
  First Green Field Project with highest energy savings of over 54% and water usage reduction of 70% & It's a zero discharge building
  First IT project in the midst of residential neighbourhoods promoting a ‘walk to work’ culture
  Joint Venture Partner: Saudi Economic & Development Company (SEDCO)
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