The sailing ship, the distant view, the lonely walks in
autumn, the relative silence, it is paradise.

Albert Einstein
  Albert Einstein spent his most creative and productive years at his country home in the little town of Caputh, Germany. There, he lived close to nature, near two pristine lakes where he would often sail on his favourite “thick sailing ship”. Einstein found the forests and lakes inspiring and thought-provoking. He would often invite eminent thinkers of his time to Caputh. They would spend long hours discoursing amidst its inspired surroundings. Among his illustrious guests was a great Nobel Laureate like him, Rabindranath Tagore.

BGRT is India’s first Sustainable Green Building Research Park with Platinum LEED certification. This unique complex of buildings focuses on efficient use of energy, water and other resources; protecting occupant health and improving employee productivity; while also mitigating the building’s overall impact on its natural surroundings through waste reduction, pollution minimization and environmental degradation. In going Green, we demonstrate our progressiveness and commitment to a responsible and sustainable future.

Benefits of a Green Building
Reduces operating costs
Increases energy efficiency
Conserves water & natural resources
Improves air & water quality
Enhances occupant comfort
Increases productivity, prevents ‘Sick Building Syndrome’ and enhances work quality
Creates a sustainable community work environment
Enhances building value & marketability – makes it a high performance asset to
   users and investors alike
The Invention Factory
Connected to Nature
The Dreaming Place
Spaces for Collaboration
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