Features | Green Building  
  Green/ Eco-Friendly design concepts and use of materials are at the heart of BGRT.
Outlined below are salient features:
  • Entire north side of the building is provided with clear glazing to allow natural light to enter
  • 75% of the spaces within have access to daylight and 90% of regularly occupied areas have views with direct line of sight to outdoor environment
  • Additionally: daylight/dimmer controls and usage of CFL/T-5 lamps and LED Lights
  • 8m x 8m grid service space along the periphery, mostly on the southern face to protect the towers from direct sunlight and thus minimize energy consumption
  • High performance, double glazed units minimize solar heat gain and improve the acoustics
  • Air gap of 20mm
  • ‘U’ value less than 1.7
  • Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) of less than 0.23 and light transmission index of 20-30%
  • Use of ultra low flow sanitary fixtures to minimize water consumption by 20% and thereby reduce waste water generation
  • Drip irrigation system for landscape watering to significantly reduce consumption of water
  • A capillary drainage system for landscaped area and use of state-of-the-art drainage cells for plants, to further reduce the usage of water
  • A “zero discharge” project: Installation of sewage treatment plant with membrane bio reactor technology provides treated water that is used for flushing, irrigation and cooling towers (after softening). This considerably reduces demand for potable water.
  • Rain water from roof top and surrounding areas is collected to recharge ground water
  • Fresh air intakes to minimize growth and dissemination of microorganisms. Special filters used in AHU for maintaining indoor air quality. Entire system will be flushed with fresh air two weeks prior to commissioning and new set of filters will be provided.
  • Entire building is designated a ‘No Smoking’ area thus preventing exposure to tobacco smoke
  • Carbon dioxide levels maintained in occupied spaces by increasing air ventilation by 30% above the minimum rate specified by ASHRAE 62.1. Sensors installed in parking areas to control carbon monoxide with supply and exhaust fans.
  • High level of thermal comfort system control to meet group needs and preferences. Design as per ASHRAE for air temperature, air speed & humidity.
Temperature: 22° C ± 2°
Relative Humidity (RH): within 40-60%
  • Greenery and foliage is provided on the ground, each floor and rooftop level
  • Terraced development on rooftop decks provide additional breakout spaces enhancing the green building concept
  • A variety of landscaping elements including panels with creepers growing through them integrate nature into the design and flow of spaces
  Building Materials
  • Locally manufactured and harvested materials are used in order to reduce green house gases (GHG). Most materials are procured from within a radius of 500 miles.
  Furniture & Fitouts
  •  Wood/MDF used in furniture etc are FSC certified and will not contain ureaformaldehyde resins
  •  All carpet systems will be certified by CRI Green Label Plus program
  •  Use of low VOC & low odorous materials
  •  Bio-degradable & recyclable office furniture and fixtures
  •  High level of comfort controls for lighting, 90% of building occupants with individual lighting controls (Task Lighting)
  •  Waste reinforcement steel and empty cement bags are disposed to authorized scrap dealers for recycling purposes
  •  Waste material generated during construction has been methodically segregated for effective recycling
  •  Waste concrete is used for backfilling and road laying purposes.
  • Fly ash, scrap iron, scrap aluminium, glass etc are used in raw materials in various percentages (2.5-40%)
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