.... What is needed in India today is a spirit which will recognize that we, as inheritors of a proud civilization, are entitled to a rightful place on this planet.
C V Raman
  C V Raman deserves to be remembered not only for his towering scientific accomplishment but also for his indomitable will and staunch patriotism. He had great faith in India’s potential for progress. Raman believed in excellence. He never compromised on quality and he firmly believed that if India was to make any economic advance it could only be based on excellence. He was the first Indian scholar who studied wholly in India to receive the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1930.

BGRT has many firsts to its credit in India:
  First Platinum LEED certified Green Building Research Park
  First project to offer 84% floor efficiency
  First IT project with 16m x 16m grid
  First Green Field Project with highest energy savings of over 54% and water usage reduction of 70% & It's a zero discharge building
  First IT project in the midst of residential neighbourhoods promoting a ‘walk to work’ culture
  The Bearys Global Research Triangle represents a landmark achievement in the construction, design and operation of centres for research & development and IT/ ITES related services. It reinforces India coming of age as an intellectual powerhouse and business destination. BGRT symbolizes excellence in its unique design spearheading focus on green construction. Through BGRT, the Bearys Group pioneers sustainable, high quality, high performance buildings that not only reduce environmental impact but also accelerate business productivity.
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