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  Concept & Design
BGRT comprises three cubical blocks penetrating each other diagonally. Breaking
the linear symmetry of the structures is the eastern cube which is imaginatively
angled eastwards. Glazed segmental balconies between towers flare outward at
each floor, thus increasing shade for lower floors. All balconies have planter box with
creepers. The dramatic interplay of light and shade created by the shadows each
cube casts on the other enhances the novelty of this unique architectural concept.

A Green Solution
Beyond aesthetics, the shadows created by the cubes reduce direct solar gain on the
external envelope. Terraces have a series of cascading open gardens and semi
enclosed pergolas and canopies to act as a buffer between the slab and the horizontal solar radiation, thus keeping the entire structure cool.
There is also a central courtyard surrounded by the three cube buildings. This dynamic
space will be covered from the tenth floor of each cube with a tensile roof to protect it from natural elements - sun and rain.

Optimisation of Space
With multiple service cores versus the standard single core space, space utilization
has been optimized. BGRT is perhaps the only project in India which offers 91%
floor efficiency.

Leisure Services
The overall development plan includes integrated facilities like Retail Mall & large
Convenience Store, Food Courts, Florist, ATM’s, Primary Health Center, Montessori
& Day Care Center, Amphitheater, Recreation / Entertainment Centre.

Column Free Spaces
A well designed research facility requires large un-obstructed office spaces.
Our approach to providing substantial free flowing work areas is unique. In our
experience, the most efficient column spacing for parking is 8m x 8m. We have
extended this column spacing in the towers, eliminated alternate columns,
and provided a 16m x 16m grid for the working space on each tower. On the
southern side, the grid becomes 8mx8m for services to cut direct sunlight and thus
minimize energy consumption.

The structural system adopted for the basement as well as the superstructure
is a flat slab supported on columns and shear walls with waffle slab.

Seismic Design Considerations
Sound structural systems ensure that wind and earthquake forces are absorbed
with a combination of rigid frame and shear wall system.

Safety & Security
  • Closed circuit PTZ cameras, day/night and dome cameras will be installed in discrete
   locations and monitored 24x7. Thirty day backup records on DVR will be made
• Automated entry barriers and access control will be provided for campus entry
  and on every floor.

Efficient Car Park Services
• 5.3m floor to ceiling height
• 1230+ car parks including provision for rechargeable battery driven cars / ample
   2 wheeler parking / bus bays
• Parking made easy at 45 degrees turning radius with a 6m wide driveway
• Direct access to lift
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