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  The Bearys Group has played a pivotal role in developing Bangalore into what it is today, while always respecting and caring for it’s environment, it’s people and most importantly, it’s values.
Ajay S Mookerjee
Executive Director
Harvard Business School Research Centre

  Your total commitment and passionate pursuit is a shining example for our construction industry colleagues to emulate. We at IGBC hold you in high esteem for your self-less and dedicated service to the country in bringing India to Global Leadership in Sustainability. Mission accomplished! Congratulations!
Dr Prem C Jain
Chairman, IGBC
Chairman, AECOM
  Achieving the platinum LEED certificate, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, in collaboration with the Bearys Group leveraging Schneider Electric solutions has been an outstanding example of both companies strengths operating together.
Jean-Pascal TRICOIRE
President & CEO
Schneider Electric, France
  Bravo! Congratulations on the First Platinum LEED Award in India. It’s great to be part of greening the planet.
Ash K Sahi
President & C.E.O
Canadian Standards Association Inc., Canada
  “A remarkably conceived building. I wish a great success to this building and their inhabitants!”
Dr. Isabel Marey-Semper, Ph.D.
Director of Advanced Research
L’Oreal, Paris
  It is a refreshing change to see that Commercial developers are investing resources to offer a much higher quality of construction and of course all the energy efficiency and green building design benefits to potential tenants. I commend the Bearys Group for its vision and courage to undertake such a ground breaking initiative.
Dr. Satish Kumar
Energy Efficiency Ambassador, Vice President
Schneider Electric
  A world class project that will set a new benchmark for construction in India and the World
Tony Keane
President & CEO
International Facility Management Association, Houston, U.S.A.
  Cleverly done! A great effort by the Bearys team. Being the first is always
the hardest and you have done it. Spectacularly green master piece.
Arch. Ken Yeang
T. R. Hamzah & Yeang, KL - Malaysia / London

The building will stand out as one of the most notable building developments in Bangalore

Fred NG

  Building stands out as an excellent, Grade A asset built to international
perfections. It is apparent that plenty of effort & hard work has gone into
developing this campus.
Ram Soundararajan
Head - Investment & Asset Management
Ascendas India Trust
  Our visit to BGRT exploring to acquire commercial office space.
Without a doubt the structure is best in the town. Its design and well
thought care to every aspect of how a commercial building should be
is reflected here. Mr. Bearys passion is well manifested too.
Nafees Humayun / Muammar Al Rukhaimi
Sr. Vice President / CEO
Technologia (an Etisalat company), Abu Dhabi
  Excellent detailing & very few projects I have seen where VISION,
visible. Great work !!!
Jayen Desai
Head - Business Excellence
Applied Materials, USA
  I am truly floored by the passion and vision in designing such a huge
commercial space as Green. The thought, the engineering design and
commitment is something that is seen to be believed. Congratulations to
the entire team at Bearys. This is truly as feather in the cap of Bearys. Most
importantly, this is a pride of the nation.
S Srinivas
Deputy Executive Director,
The Invention Factory
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