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  Department of Telecommunications
No.DE(S)/S-6/2005-06/95 dtd. 9.11.2005
  Department of Telecommunications (Microwave Survey Division)
No.DE/MWS/BG/S-11/XIV/4 dtd 2.12.2005
  Karnataka State Fire & Emergency Services
No. GBC (1) 951 / 2005 dtd 30.1.2006
  Bangalore Electricity Supply Company Limited
No.GME/BRC/DGM (O)/AGME-2/8894-95 dtd. 2.2.2006
  Airports Authority of India
No.AAI/M/0-23/NCC dtd. 6.2.2006
  Bangalore Development Authority Plan Sanction
No.NaMa/AaSa/AaAa3/E/13/2006-07 dtd. 19.5.2006
  Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board
No. BWSSB/CE (M)/ACE (M)-I/TA-9/2688/2007-08 dtd. 3.8.2007
  Karnataka State Pollution Control Board
No.CFE/EIA 596/2007-08/4289 dtd. 8.10.2007
  Ministry of Environments & Forests, Government of India
No. SEIAA: 96: CON: 2007 dtd 30.10.2008
  Bangalore Development Authority (Commencement Certificate)
No. BDA/EM/EO-III/TA-I/CC/T-591/08-09 dtd. 23.12.2008
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